Just Regrouping

Thanks for visiting It'sVINYLicious Records, but the site, not the store, is currently down due to the frustration and headaches caused by the company hosting this site. Not to mention the tremendous amount of unproductive hours. I decided to a site builder they offered using a WYSIWYG editor, but it was more like WYSIWYDG, where the "D" stands for "Don't".

We hope to relaunch the website very soon. Don't worry though because all records that were listed here are listed in our eBay store called, It'sVINYLicious Records

Over 10,000 records are in stock, so if you didn't find one already listed, there's a good chance it's waiting to go online. The plan is to put them all in a catalog format on the website with limited detail, so we know what records we actually have. Links will be set up for questions and to make an offer.

Please send an email to inquire about anything, but please be detailed, and we'll reply as soon as possible and within 24 hours. Click HERE to send us an email.

Have an excellent day!